Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bye-Bye Holidays, Welcome Third Term

It has been a full month enjoying Second Term Holidays, now is the time to start a new term.
Schools open on Monday for the children to begin their third term in order to get promoted to their respective next classes ,"as all the School requirements are already bought.
The holiday has been enjoyable for the children with lots of plays, games and sports competetion within themselves. More to be happy for, at least every child got his /her self a cloth from the Container this holidays.
The holidays have also been used to carryout regular counseling and guidance to those who dont seem to be upright.All stakeholders have been involved from  big girls for the Little ones ,mothers,Admin people, Luke, Ron and Ann and Ugandan board directors. "We believe it will workout";.
Construction project always goes on in the Village, House 11 is now being roofed as i write this post. Houses 9and 10 are being finished and furnished electricity installed and plumbing work done.
Home of Hope IS doing well as they get the necessary requirements (food) stuffs.
We again Thank Hope Builders for the Great Support.
Last holidays

queuing for a cloth

House 11 being roofed

Luke's counseling sessions to the boys

H.O.H Children

Village's left wing

another time for a cloth

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