Tuesday, June 10, 2014

V.O.H Uganda What's on Ground..

Blessed greetings from Uganda Hope Builders International ,Village of Hope to all our blog readers out there.
As i report now everyone is fine, the children ,mothers, and other staff though there has been some sort of illnesses in children because of the weather but they are now fine. Children are in there 4th week of term 2 studies and are now doing the Mid term Exams in the different schools.
The mothers are also fine ministering in their different callings, endeavoring to cater for the children in a positive manner.
A lot has happened in the Village and in other projects under Hope Builders International. At the start of this month (June), we received a team of ladies from Australia under Global Development Group.The two (Fe.Luscombe and Peta Thomas) had come for monitoring and evaluation and to see the progress of our projects, like Village of Hope, Home of Hope ,and the Youth Support Center (Luke's Project).
The Posho mill shade is under construction, by the end of this week it will be finished, about the cattle shade, all the materials are on the site now and hoping to start on it by the end of this week. We had planted demonstration gardens at the Village but due to harsh weather conditions, the vegetables did not grow well and its only maize (corn), which grew up.
Our transport officer William graduated with a diploma in Business administration and he is so thankful for Hope Builders for being therefor him.
I once again thank all our donors, for helping us to go an extra mile every now and then.

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