Saturday, March 15, 2014

Updates from Village of Hope

It has been a while with no posts but the Lord has kept us well at the Village and i hope the whole Hope Builders family out there.
The children are in the middle of Term 1 and some have finished their mid term Exams. Those in  pre- school, primary ,high school and higher institutions are all at School and happily learning with a positive attitude.
The Village of Hope Chicken project is progressing, the new stock of Broilers  is now 3weeks and its growing up steadily and health. These will be by Easter Season which is our market target.
Still on agriculture projects, we planted a strecth of cabbages just after the back of house 10 though it has been a drought season we endeavored to water them and now they are soon maturing to add  on the children's diet.
Finally electricity has been installed in the Manger's ,done with painting ,bedrooms doors fixed, and working upon inside toilets  and water installation and he shifting very soon. Thanks to Hope Builders for making this happen.
God Bless You All.................. Ivan 

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